Our Story

We are a mother, father, daughter, and husband team.  Our love for creating pieces that are one of a kind has developed over many years and each piece we create is a labor of love.  We believe in a simpler time when pieces were made with hard work and sweat and a little bit of tenderness!

*and if you wonder the meaning of the name - well the two guys make up the BarnWood & the two gals are the bangles!  NO we do not make jewlery! LOL


Vin & Erin Scimeca

Vin & Erin Scimeca live in CT.  When Erin was 10 years old her father bought her a Crayola Interior Design kit and there her love for decor and interior design was born.  She graduated college with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design but life led her to the world of Fashion instead where she has worked for the past 22 years as a model scout.  Vinnie born in NY worked for a time in construction before turning to the world of technology.  When the two were married and bought their first home they took on the project of renovating their house which they did entirely with reclaimed wood.  After many people asking for them to create something for their home as well - the two decided to launch BarnWood & Bangles!!

Bud & Charlotte Lundgren

The parents of Erin - whom taught her the importance of being creative - are the talents behind the hand painted signs and a lot of the home decor you see at BarnWood & Bangles.  Coming from the era of the "hippie" and a time where the world put importance on creativity - Bud and Charlotte have always been very good with "handmade".  Bud worked on all levels of construction - from being a foreman to building houses (including the one they have lived in for 42 years) to working in restoration.  Charlotte has been painting for over 30 years, having once owned her own shop in CT featuring only handmade items.  Her sister-in-law had introduced her to folk art painting many years ago and the 2 took off appearing at craft shows all over New England, doing house parties and even decorating homes.  The Lundgren's are located in MA.