Custom Farmhouse Tables

Custom Farmhouse Tables are one of our most popular items.  Our tables are built to last as we know a dining room table is a huge part of a home.  We hope that your family and friends will enjoy this table for years to come.  All costs are dependent on the materials and size.  Below are the steps you need to follow to order your table.  Once you have your design idea in mind then please contact us and we can work out the price.  We pride ourselves in creating a quality table at a much lower cost so you can shop local rather than in a big box store!!  - please note if you don't see your design listed below, we are able to customize a piece for you from a photo -  We do also make benches to match with your table upon request.

Tips when deciding on your custom order Farmhouse table:

  1. How many people:  Typically 4' table seats 6 people, 6' seats 8 and 8' seats 10
  2. Type of Legs:  Turned legs are more expensive as we need to order the legs from an outside source.  We also do a Trestle style bottom, Straight legs with a cross bar and angled legs as on a Harvest Table.  
  3. Extensions: We can make extensions. However, realize we do them the old-fashioned way where they slide in so you will need space to store them.
  4. Breadboard? Know if you want breadboard ends or not
  5. Finish: How do you want to finish your table?  We can do all one color, stain, etc.  We also can do one color for the top and a different finish for the bottom which is our most popular.  
  6. Distressed? Is a distressed look your style? We can do that. Just let us know. 
  7. DIY-ish? We can also sell you an unfinished table that you can paint/stain yourself. However, please note that for people used to refinishing furniture - it is not the same painting on raw wood compared to furniture that you repaint!

Follow these steps below in selecting your table and visit our Custom Pieces section to see examples of tables we have made for other families:

step 1.jpg

Ready to get started on your custom table? 

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