Garage Transformation - Barnwood Wall

If you have not been able to tell yet - I LOVE barn wood!!  The look of it, the durability and most important: the history.  

Maybe it has to do with my small town, country roots, but barn wood makes me feel warm and cozy!

 When converting our garage into a family room space, we knew we wanted to incorporate barn wood in the design. But when you start looking at prices and see how astronomical it can cost for a small amount of wood we were not sure it would fit in our budget - especially as the room has 10' ceilings and is roughly 500 square feet.  

How to use barn wood without breaking the bank

So imagine our surprise when we stumbled into a booth at the Brimfield Flea Market in Brimfield, Mass. and saw that our wishes could come true.  

I went into the booth that had amazing primitive furniture. But I was immediately impressed with their display that had barn wood pieces hanging on the walls.  Thinking this was just for decoration, I mentioned out loud how I wished we could purchase those exact pieces to put in our room.  Thankful for my big mouth! - the owner said well this wood is for sale and at a great price!

One week later, we went out to Ashford, CT to visit their amazing house to select the barn wood we wanted to use.  You can check out their website here to see their beautiful historical house.

To our surprise the story with the barn wood got even better - it came with an amazing history!  The wood was actually that of a barn from the first Northern General to perish in the Civil War - General Nathaniel Lyon.  His family was from Ashford, CT and this was in fact the wood used for his barn that was recently torn down - the last of his homestead.

This look of course is not for everyone and can be a bit dark and heavy looking but for us - it suited the room perfectly!!  

Do your research and make sure to look out for those out-of-the-box ways in obtaining reclaimed wood - there is no need to break the bank for this style!