5 Ways We Use Vintage Christmas Bulbs

I seem to have a vintage Christmas ornament addiction and I am totally okay with it!!  :)  They are just so festive

It could be because, as a child, my mother only allowed handmade or wooden ornaments on our tree. So growing up I thought that glass bulb ornaments were just not the way to go.  So as an adult I am now getting my glass bulb fix by using them in a lot of our holiday creations.  


Here are some ideas for loving and repurposing those amazing vintage glass Christmas bulbs:

1.  Chair Spring Tree. 

This is our version of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  For these I used small glass bulbs, a bit of Christmas greens and an old chair spring.  Looks great on a Mantle!!


2.  Barn Wood Bulbs

For these we used vintage barn wood and cut out a hole.  A bit of greens and these fabulous glass bulbs and you have a great rustic piece of history to add to your holiday decor!


You can also use a vintage rosette block moulding as well.  And if you can't find an old one like we have here you can purchase these new and distress them!


3.  Bulbs in a frame!  

These are probably my favorite!  Now, these pedestal frames are so darling but they are also very hard to come by, at least the vintage ones. 

I found these at an old estate sale and they actually had very old family photos in them!  A normal wooden frame also works and then it can be hung or if you find a chunky one that can stand on its own.  For these I find the detailed bulbs to look the best but again those can also be hard to come by!

frame bulb.jpg

4.  Christmas Bulbs as a Centerpiece. 

I love the way bulbs look in our centerpiece boxes.  You can pile them in there, then add some Christmas greens or a candle.  If you don't have enough or you have fragile ones, you can also place them in a shallow bowl as I did in the photo below.


5.  Bulb Wreath

This last one is not one of our creations but I know that it has been a very popular one this holiday season.  This image comes courtesy of my favorite crafty lady - Martha Stewart - this was created by her amazing creative team - to see the details go to  https://www.marthastewart.com/1043681/ornament-wreath.


However you choose to decorate for the holidays, I hope it includes some vintage bulbs! 

Any ideas we haven't thought of? Share them in the comments!