Pure Poetry

We are so excited about a project we worked on with our partners at ReMix and wanted to share with everyone!  We were hired to build some display furniture for a new store that recently opened in Trumbull - Pure Poetry.  If you have not had a chance to check it out make sure you do!  They are located at 42244 Madison Ave in Trumbull.  You can check them out online at www.shoppurepoetry.com.  Below you can see a sample of our work in the store:

This is one of our farmhouse tables along with 2 side tables - finish was done by our ReMix partner DuGrenier from the Attic

reclaimed wood shelves CT

Here are some shelves we did for the store made from 1800's reclaimed barn wood.  The barn was actually located in Westport!

The side table on the left is made from reclaimed materials including 2 old windows.  The one on the right is made from new wood and finished by our ReMix partner.

This piece was actually an antique baby crib repurposed to be a bench.  We then hung it to be used to hang baby clothes!

This desk is made from new wood and finished by our ReMix partner

This is maybe one of my most favorite pieces.  This sofa table is made from an old piece of barnwood, reclaimed wood and stair spindles.