We have been pretty busy here at BarnWood & Bangles - gearing up for 2 back to back weekend events - which you can learn more about on our Facebook page.  But amongst the madness we had  time to wish a special someone good luck on her upcoming trip!  My eldest stepdaughter is on her way to Europe for a month this summer - amazing and scary all at the same time.

Well this past weekend we held a Bon Voyage party - B&B style!  Take a look at how we celebrated!

 Food Table -

I used scrap book paper that had vintage looking maps and letters -basically scrap book paper meant for a travel book.  These were used to not only provide decor - as they were - on the table but I also used them to make pendant banners that I hung on the tables. Mini chalk boards were used to display the food dishes and paper flowers added an extra touch!  I also made some paper airplanes out of the map paper and hung them from our chandelier.

Dessert Table

Here we used some more banners - this one I found online.  The one additional touch I added here was looking up the Finnish word for Dessert and printing that out on black chalkboard paper.  A fun way to include some words in the language your guest is going to be surrounded by!

Thank you's for our Guests

As a thank you for coming we made a candy bar.  One of my favorite things to do at parties!  I found some gummy airplanes and chocolate globes of Earth.  I added this with Swedish fish as she is going to Scandinavia and Sweden is one stop!  With the scraps of map paper I made some bags for the guests to then put their treats in them!!

Bon Voyage Letters

In this day and age hand written letters are almost obsolete - but what is better when you are far from home then something to read from your loved ones.  So I created a letter station for our guest of honor.  I found really cool journal paper that actually had fun quotes on each page.  Along with a small vintage suitcase and another pendant banner from the map paper - this was a fun activity for our guests to do.  And something that our world travel will enjoy while far from home!

Another fun touch and a gift for the traveler to keep - was this fun travel journal.  Great quotes on each page all about traveling.  I used this as a decoration as well.  And of course no one can have too many journals!

The party was a lot of fun and it was great for everyone to get their chance to say goodbye!  As always if you have a question, need some tips or just have a comment - please contact us!!