13th Birthday Party - Camera Theme

With our first big show behind us and holiday's over, I am finally trying to get to some of the blog posts that I have been wanting to share with everyone.

In the fall we had a celebration for my step-daughter's 13th Birthday.  Ugh - teen years - where does the time go!!  As you may all know, we love a party at the Scimeca house and becoming a teenager couldn't be a better excuse!  She has recently gotten the photo bug and is a huge lover of all things regarding photography - so it was no surprise when she told me she would like her party to have a "camera" theme.

Take a look at some of the ideas we came up with:

I found some fun colored plastic cameras at a party store.  These were perfect hung on a string for centerpieces and dangling from windows.  I took the same cameras and glued a small clothespin to the back and used them as markers for the food table.

Instead of using regular paper to write the food names out - I used Polaroid film.  I took a picture of lace or notebook paper so we had a patterned plain background and then with a sharpie I wrote out the food names.

We happen to have a ton of old cameras around the house so along with the cute plastic ones we piled them on a plate for a centerpiece

For party favors we used the below to make camera photo holders.  We have a photo booth that we bring out for most parties as the kids love it - so this was a perfect gift for the kids to take home along with their crazy photo booth pictures!

We took a wood block, wheel and knob and painted them in fun contrasting colors.  We then took a mini clothespin and glued to the back to serve as the holder for the photo.  There is a little wood block in the back that we glued on to keep the camera standing.  We added names so that each one was personalized.
 The cake was probably my favorite part.  Thankfully we have a family friend that is amazing with all things cake related!  She made a fondant Polaroid camera - with view finder and button and all - that sat atop a regular sheet cake.  The camera had a photo of the birthday girl coming out of it.

The party was a ton of fun and the Birthday girl was excited to get to keep all the camera decor for her own room after the party!  As always, I like to stress that with a little bit of imagination you can make your own fun party themes without breaking the bank!  For any questions about anything you see here or other events, please feel free to contact us!