Outside Patio Table

Two summers ago my husband and I created a really cool table for our backyard.  I had actually seen the design on Better Homes and Gardens but we tweaked it a little and made it our own.  I had left the table in its natural state and just protected it with some polyurethane but this summer I decided to give it a facelift and try out a new painting technique.

Here is how I created this look:

I sanded the table top really well with a palm sander.  I needed to get some of the wear and tear from being outside out of it.  I then took a stain by Minwax - White Wash Pickling - and instead of using a brush, I used a towel to wipe the paint on the table top.

In some areas I wiped the paint evenly and in some areas I blotched it on or applied it heavier.  Basically I was very sloppy and made it look messy!

 Once it was mostly dry, I took my palm sander and would dab some water on the sandpaper then sand away.  Every once and a while I would wet the sandpaper a bit more.  I would sand edges and certain areas a bit more than others to get that real vintage look.

The last step was applying the coats that would protect the wood from the elements.  I used a polyurethane that is good for outdoors as well as indoors, also by Minwax.  I applied 2 coats to this piece.  Do know when you apply this it will change the color a bit.  Above photos are before the finish below are with the finish.

You really can customize the paint job to your liking.  I love things a bit aged and rustic looking so I really did a bit of sanding but for some this could not be your taste and you may want to sand a bit less.

You can also have fun with it and add another layer of color - something I plan to do on my next project!  Hope you enjoy and send me photos if you attempt to do this process!!

As always, send me a note if you have any questions and if anyone is interested in Barnwood and Bangles customizing a similar table for their backyard - let me know!