Family Picking!!

My husband and I have been obsessed lately with American Pickers on the History Channel.  So when we heard of an opportunity to do our own picking in a warehouse nearby we could not turn it down!  On Saturday morning we dressed in our grungy clothes, grabbed our flashlights, piled the kids in the truck and drove to North Eastern Connecticut for our first real picking experience!  We had no idea what to expect accept that it was in a 14,000 square foot warehouse and we were told it was packed with tons of random items.

When we pulled up to the warehouse in Plainfield, CT we met up with owner Brian Burchman and one of his managers Geri.  They led us into the huge back storage room.  Immediately I got goose bumps - boxes everywhere ready for us to explore!  After speaking with Brian, I got a little bit of history on this building.  In 1973, he built the first part of the building as a motorcycle business and then in 1980 he expanded and opened a Ford dealership which he sold in 1992.  As he is now retiring, he is looking to sell the very large collection of items he has obtained in his life and has stored in this building.

If you are a motorcycle lover or boat lover - you would be in heaven.  We had two floors to scavenge through and although most of it was related to motorcycles we did happen upon some pretty amazing items - one of which is a pair of original wooden skis dating back to the early 1900's which belonged to Brian's parents.  Take a look at what we found.....


They plan to have a flea market type of event in their parking lot on one Saturday of every month for the next few months as well as they still have plenty of items to pick through.  They also offer help with selling your items on different types of e-commerce markets...eBay, Amazon, etc.  For more information call Geri at 860-455-6619 or by email  

After speaking with Brian we met another co-worker, Thomas, that took us into see every child of the 70's and 80's dream - vintage toys!!  From Chatty Cathy to Jaclyn Smith barbie dolls to Mork and Mindy - he had it all and all still in the boxes.  Cool fact - he actually takes these toys on tour! To learn more about Back in Time Traveling Toy show check them out at


We had so much fun uncovering long discarded items and the kids loved it as well.  It was great to see them get involved and find their own discoveries to transform!  Gotta start them young!!