Craft Project - Making a Jewelry Holder

Over the weekend, my stepdaughter Emily and I came up with a fun DIY project for her bedroom.  Our next room renovation in the house is Emily's bedroom.  As she is quickly approaching the teenage years, we need to update her little girl room and decor.  This is a project we hope to tackle over the summer.

So with thinking about her new room design - she has even made an inspiration board - we decided to make something to hold her enormous jewelry collection. Here is how we tackled this!

We went to Stratford Antique Center over the weekend to try and find something we could use as hooks.  We lucked out and found some great gold drawer pulls with just the detail we were looking for.  If you live in the CT area then Stratford Antiques is a must visit.  They have a ton of vendors and you can spend a lot of time looking through everything from linens and clothes to furniture, odds and ends and so much more.  For more detail visit them at

.  Along with the knobs we decided to use mason jars and then of course some reclaimed wood.

We started by sanding the wood to make the surface and edges smooth and also to get a lighter wood color.  Safety glasses a must when doing this and of course if they are hot pink it makes them ever better!

As Emily's color scheme for her new room is white, black and pink - we decided to incorporate those colors in this piece.  So we painted the Mason jars with a light pink, the hooks in black and we did a white wash on the wood.  We used Milk paint for the white on the wood.

As we wanted an aged look for these pieces, we sanded everything after the paint dried.  I used a palm sander for the wood piece.  When sanding paint off wood, I like to really sand down the edges so the paint is almost all off.  We used just a normal sheet of sand paper to then sand the hooks so we had some of the gold showing through.  On the Mason jar, we sanded only around the raised detail so that the paint came off those spots only - which also helped in making the detail stand out.

After everything was sanded and dried, we then laid the pieces out so we knew where we would need to drill holes.  Luckily, the drawer pulls came with screws so we just needed to drill a hole and then push the screw through and tighten the knob.

To attach the mason jars we used adjustable pipe clamping that you can find in the plumbing section of a hardware store.  They have small slots in the metal so we drilled the screw through one of those slots and into the wood.

As the wire rings are not so pretty to look at, we decided to wrap them with some ribbon we had in black and white stripes.  I used a glue gun to attach the ribbon to the metal piping.

 Then we slid the jars into the rings and tightened the screws on the clamp to make sure the mason jars were secure.

With some brackets added to the back to hang, this jewelry holder will be a great addition to Emily's new room. The great thing about a piece like this is that you will never have two that are alike.  The wood and the hardware you use are the most important. To order one of your own, please contact me by email!

Photos credited to my stepdaughter Emily visit her blog at