Craft Project - Hanging Mini Flower Vase

This past weekend I decided to create something with the great stuff we found at the Elephant Trunk a couple of weekends ago.  (see our blog post on May 5th)  I had found some amazing small vintage bottles and some bullseye corner head blocks in solid wood - the good antique kind!  I immediately envisioned these items a perfect pairing to make a great wall decoration.  Here is what I created with them and how I did it!

I started with sanding the blocks.  They had a lot of paint build up on the edges that needed a good sanding. Plus as I planned to paint them I needed to have a clean, smooth surface. I then painted the blocks with craft paint.  I did not sand the blocks all the way to the wood as i wanted to be able to have the white showing through the paint.  So I put a couple of light layers of paint on and then sanded the blocks again.  I used a palm sander on the edges and then sanded the detail by hand.

before second sanding

after second sanding

I took the bottles and wrapped them with some thin wire.  Then I drilled a hole in the blocks were I felt they were positioned best and strung the wire through the block.  I then twisted and secured on the back of the block.

I took some pretty flower picks I had and added them to the mini bottles. And with that my project was completed!  These are a great added bit of vintage charm to any home decor.  You can even change the flowers throughout the year to match the seasons!  Hope you enjoy and as always if you would like to have one made for you, please contact me!