Brimfield Flea Market - Part 3

Happy Friday!!  I decided to end this week of posts with another awesome booth we stumbled upon in Brimfield.  It only seems right to speak about this company as it is located in my favorite place in the world - Chatham, Cape Cod.  I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but we go to Chatham every summer with my family - something that has been a family tradition since my mother was a child.  So many of my favorite childhood memories come from our summers spent in Chatham so imagine my surprise when I turned a corner at the flea market and saw a booth from Chatham!!

Atlantic Workshop is located in Chatham on Main St.  I happened to visit the shop this past summer for the first time.  My stepdaughter and my nephew were doing a scavenger hunt the town had amongst the shops and one of the sharks they needed to find brought us into Atlantic Workshop - which I have to mention here that Emily won the scavenger hunt and received an amazing basket of goodies from the Chatham stores!  The store, as well as the booth in Brimfield, is full of very creative re-purposed designs by owner Scott Feen.  From couches made out of boats to chairs made from lobster pots, you can find amazing one of a kind pieces for your home.

Emily testing out the lobster pot chairs this past summer in Chatham

photos in the booth of Scott's custom creations
This engaging piece below was actually made from some interesting historic treasures.  The block of wood comes from the Marconi listening station by Ryders Cove in Chatham.  The propeller comes from Brooklyn Wheeler Shipyard - the same place responsible for Earnest Hemingway's boat the Pilar - this particular blade came off a boat made not long after the Pilar.  

Owner - Scott - with his cool creation

Scott has a workshop in Chatham where he creates his very imaginative designs.  We had a great time learning about his shop and his passion for re-purposed items - something we at Barnwood and Bangles can completely appreciate!!  Please check out his website at or if you are on the Cape visit his gallery at 475 Main St in Chatham.  Thanks Scott for sharing with us and we will be by in the summer!!

Awesome light fixture in the shop in Chatham last summer