Brimfield Flea Market Part 2

As we only spent one day at the Brimfield Flea Market this year, we probably only saw a quarter of the show.  After going for many years, I do know what my favorite fields and booths are that I make sure to see.  So I was happy that this time around we happened upon new vendors that I had not seen before.  Part of the fun of the Brimfield Flea Market are the people that you meet.  And at this show we met two really fun vendors that I want to talk about - one will be featured below and tomorrow we will post the other.

The first booth that I want to tell you about was situated toward the beginning of the flea market near the Brimfield Town Hall.  What drew me to this tent at first were two of my favorite things - bottles and old wooden crates.  When I went inside his tent I could have stayed there all day looking through all of the wonders there were.  My husband was immediately drawn to the burlap sacks that we were excited to find.  My younger step daughter, Emily, stumbled upon some interesting oriental coins that she can't wait to make into a necklace.

Bill Yost has been coming to the Brimfield Flea Market for 17 years. Something I find charming is that he does this with his daughter.  As Bill saw our arms piled high with items he struck up a conversation with us and what an interesting man he is.  Currently living in Kentucky, he has traveled all over the world picking and as he told us he is a real picker sometimes going into some scary places!!  His "real" job is in oil, however collecting and picking is what he loves to do.  He had a little bit of everything in his tent, from olive pails to wooden shutters, to wooden boxes and vintage signs, a large assortment of colorful bottles, and the list goes on.  We spent a good 20 minutes talking to him and in that time we were able to tell that he had a true passion for collecting and traveling to various shows around the country to share his finds.  We came home with a large pile of burlap sacks, some interesting vintage flour sacks that were in mint condition form the 1960's, antique metal hooks, pieces of rustic tin, wooden bobbins, some Asian inspired carved wood moulds and a few other things.  Wow would I love to see his warehouse in Atlanta!!  You can check Bill out on Facebook at and we hope to see him again at the July show.

Here are some pictures from his cool booth taken by my favorite photographer - my step daughter Emily - follow her blog at

Bill, his daughter and a co-worker