I love it when you come across a great opportunity to go antiquing.  From the smell of aged items to the haggling with vendors - there is nothing I like more to do on a weekend!  One of my families favorite haunts is the Elephant Trunk in New Milford, CT.  It takes place every Sunday from April through November but the hitch is you have to be up early.  It opens to the public from 7am to 2pm for $2 a person however for early birds you can pay $20 and enter at 5:45am.

We have gone to this flea market many times and we always come away with a little something for each of us.  The kids enjoy all the jewelry you can find and interesting odds and ends, my husband loves looking at the license plates and old tools and I love discovering new projects!!

 Walking through all the isles, I find it so amazing the camaraderie that you see amongst the vendors. It is like a big family reunion with some of these people that come weekend after weekend.  You can tell that there are many repeat customers.  This time around I met some really great people that had some amazing finds to be offered.

We found some amazing old wooden boxes at this booth

This booth - Antique Bottles - had amazing deals on bottles of every shape and size
It is an outdoor event in a large field so of course not so much fun when there is bad weather.  Also, in the spring it can be a bit chilly that early so dress warm.  If you are anything like me and take your time looking at everything then make sure you have plenty of time to browse.  There are a lot of vendors and it can take hours to really see it all.

They have a great mix of everything - antiques, new products, jewelry, clothing, food, flowers, fabric, furniture, toys and so much more.

Here are some of the great finds we found!!  Hope you get a chance to check it out for yourself.  For more information go to their website at -  Please make sure to keep your eye on our blog to see what we make with these items we found.

It is always good to have some extra hands on deck to help - so thanks to these ladies for hauling some stuff for me!  Happy Antiquing!!

Photos credited to my stepdaughter Emily. Visit her blog at