Welcome to My New Blog!

For about a year I have been hearing from friends and family how I need to start a blog to showcase all the projects that I have been up to.  So I think for my first series of posts I am going to show off a labor of love.  Unfortunately, it is something that is nearly finished so I won't have video or a ton of photos to show all the steps that we took but I feel you can still get a good idea of the work that was done.  Since moving into our house, my husband and I had been constantly looking for ways to build more "family" space - we love to throw parties!!  Our living room was an open concept plan with dining room but configured in the wrong ways.  This lead to us converting our massive 2 car garage into a Great Room.  Good for us as we never once parked our cars in the garage but bad for us as we had so much junk stored in that garage it took months to relocate.  Once cleared out this is what we had:

The original owners had added this garage on to the house themselves and when doing so added to the back of the house - so not a typical garage location which helped tremendously in the curb appeal as you would never know there used to be a garage here anymore.  Five months, at least 4 parties and mulitiple family holiday's since we have lived in this new room and we don't  know how we managed with out it.
Stay tuned and I will post more detailed photos of all the great creations my husband and I added to make this room just ours!!