Craft Project - mixing fabric and reclaimed wood

Over the weekend I spent some time making some original crafts to be sold on our Etsy Shop.  Here is a peek into how I put these designs together!

I love using different mediums when making a craft.  My mother used to own a shop and her craft was wood cut outs and painting - mine was always more geared to sewing.  Together we made a great team!!  As my focus has gone more to the vintage and rustic look - I wanted to incorporate my love for sewing and fabric along with the uniqueness of reclaimed wood.  As mentioned over the weekend, we took a trip to my favorite salvage yard and found some amazing old barn wood.  If only these boards could talk I am sure they would have stories to tell.  The owner of the shop actually pointed out that one of these pieces was from the 1800's as they had this special notch on the top that you didn't see in later pieces.

With summer right around the corner - I decided to make some patterns that bring summer to mind - bee hives, flowers, stars and stripes.  I made these patterns free hand and cut them out of sturdy paper.  Then came the selection of the fabric.  To me - the fabric makes it all - I prefer the antiqued looking homespun patterns and that is what I decided to use here.

I used a simple hand stitch with embroidery floss to attach the pieces together.  I like to use contrasting colors with my thread so that it really pops.  I also like to use different stitches so that it is not all uniform.  The great thing about rustic, country crafts is that you don't want it to be perfect.  If your cuts are a little off or your stitches are not perfect, it just adds to the charm of the piece.  Since I am going for an old world look it shouldn't be perfect!!

After selecting the proper wood for each piece, I cut them to the right length and then sanded them just enough to keep the vintage look.  I used small upholstery tacks to attach the fabric pieces to the wood.  Not only did this serve the purpose of attaching them to the wood but it is another way to add some rustic charm.

I used a bit of batting to stuff each piece to give it some depth.

Once I had them stuffed and nailed, I added the dried flowers.  I used bunches from a craft store and then cut off small pieces at a time.  After the flowers were arranged in the way I liked best, I used a small dab of glue from the glue gun to tack them down.

With some brackets added to the back to hang - these creations are ready to add some character to any home decor!  Check out our Etsy shop if you would like to purchase one -