Spring Open House

Hey BarnWood & Bangles customers - are you following us on our Facebook and IG??  Well if you are then you know we love to do countdowns to the opening day of our Open House!!  But in case you have not here is what you have missed or shall I say what you will see if you come to our event next week!  

Reason #10 - BUNNIES!!

Reason #10 - BUNNIES!!

Reason #9 - NESTS

Reason #9 - NESTS

Reason #8 - FLOWERS!!

Reason #8 - FLOWERS!!

Reason #7 - HOLDERS

Reason #7 - HOLDERS

Spring Open House

We are so excited to bring to our customers our Spring Open House!  We will have lots of new items on hand including great decor for Spring and Summer, Furniture, Mother's Day gifts and so much more!  So we hope to welcome you to our home in Stratford, CT on March 31st to April 2nd.  Stay tuned to our website and FaceBook page for more details, special offers and what you can find in our Pop Up!  

Handmade Market - Shelton CT

Hi guys!  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Come celebrate Black Friday and Small business Saturday with BarnWood & Bangles at the Handmade Market in Shelton, CT.  There will be food, music and even cocktails - not to mention amazing handmade items form local artists!  So please come and support your community and SHOP LOCAL!!!

BarnWood & Bangles Pop UP

It is that time of year again where we look long and hard to find that perfect gift for those special people in our lives!  BarnWood & Bangles is going to help you by throwing our 2nd annual Holiday Pop up at our house in Stratford, CT.  We have added a second location this year in Massachusetts.  BarnWood & Bangles member, Charlotte Lundgren, is also going to open her house to our customers in MA as well as North East CT.  Details for both events are below!

So please join us for some refreshments, some fun and most important some quality shopping!  Pass the invitation on to your friends and remember shop local!!

Pure Poetry

We are so excited about a project we worked on with our partners at ReMix and wanted to share with everyone!  We were hired to build some display furniture for a new store that recently opened in Trumbull - Pure Poetry.  If you have not had a chance to check it out make sure you do!  They are located at 42244 Madison Ave in Trumbull.  You can check them out online at www.shoppurepoetry.com.  Below you can see a sample of our work in the store:

This is one of our farmhouse tables along with 2 side tables - finish was done by our ReMix partner DuGrenier from the Attic

reclaimed wood shelves CT

Here are some shelves we did for the store made from 1800's reclaimed barn wood.  The barn was actually located in Westport!

The side table on the left is made from reclaimed materials including 2 old windows.  The one on the right is made from new wood and finished by our ReMix partner.

This piece was actually an antique baby crib repurposed to be a bench.  We then hung it to be used to hang baby clothes!

This desk is made from new wood and finished by our ReMix partner

This is maybe one of my most favorite pieces.  This sofa table is made from an old piece of barnwood, reclaimed wood and stair spindles.  

Custom Made Tables

Happy 4th of July Weekend!  We spent our weekend making these beautiful hand crafted tables for a custom order for a client.  One is a 7' dining room table and the other is a 4' desk with 2 drawers.  Both have table tops that are similar so they can be used in the same room.  Call us if you are looking for a handmade custom table!  Remember Shop Local!!

Dining Table:



We have been pretty busy here at BarnWood & Bangles - gearing up for 2 back to back weekend events - which you can learn more about on our Facebook page.  But amongst the madness we had  time to wish a special someone good luck on her upcoming trip!  My eldest stepdaughter is on her way to Europe for a month this summer - amazing and scary all at the same time.

Well this past weekend we held a Bon Voyage party - B&B style!  Take a look at how we celebrated!

 Food Table -

I used scrap book paper that had vintage looking maps and letters -basically scrap book paper meant for a travel book.  These were used to not only provide decor - as they were - on the table but I also used them to make pendant banners that I hung on the tables. Mini chalk boards were used to display the food dishes and paper flowers added an extra touch!  I also made some paper airplanes out of the map paper and hung them from our chandelier.

Dessert Table

Here we used some more banners - this one I found online.  The one additional touch I added here was looking up the Finnish word for Dessert and printing that out on black chalkboard paper.  A fun way to include some words in the language your guest is going to be surrounded by!

Thank you's for our Guests

As a thank you for coming we made a candy bar.  One of my favorite things to do at parties!  I found some gummy airplanes and chocolate globes of Earth.  I added this with Swedish fish as she is going to Scandinavia and Sweden is one stop!  With the scraps of map paper I made some bags for the guests to then put their treats in them!!

Bon Voyage Letters

In this day and age hand written letters are almost obsolete - but what is better when you are far from home then something to read from your loved ones.  So I created a letter station for our guest of honor.  I found really cool journal paper that actually had fun quotes on each page.  Along with a small vintage suitcase and another pendant banner from the map paper - this was a fun activity for our guests to do.  And something that our world travel will enjoy while far from home!

Another fun touch and a gift for the traveler to keep - was this fun travel journal.  Great quotes on each page all about traveling.  I used this as a decoration as well.  And of course no one can have too many journals!

The party was a lot of fun and it was great for everyone to get their chance to say goodbye!  As always if you have a question, need some tips or just have a comment - please contact us!!

Bedside Tables

Check out these custom made bedside tables we just finished for a client!  They are 100% made from reclaimed wood.  The tops are made from barn wood from a 1800's barn in CT.  Contact us if you have a project you would like BarnWood & Bangles to work on! erin@barnwoodandbangles.com

Custom Pieces

Just wanted to share some of the fun custom pieces we have been working on at BarnWood & Bangles.  As usual these pieces are made with reclaimed wood and vintage materials.  Take a look and if interested in your own custom piece, please get in touch with us!


This table is made with vintage windows for the legs.  The top is made with a slab of wood and sanded to show its natural state.


This table is made from a unique vintage sewing machine base....foot pedal and all!  The top is a slab of wood that has been treated and stained.  Great for a sofa table!


This end table has the same top as the first one.  The rest of the table is made from various pieces of reclaimed wood that have been painted and stained.

All three pieces are available for purchase.  Please contact us if interested or would like BarnWood & Bangles to build you, your own unique piece!

13th Birthday Party - Camera Theme

With our first big show behind us and holiday's over, I am finally trying to get to some of the blog posts that I have been wanting to share with everyone.

In the fall we had a celebration for my step-daughter's 13th Birthday.  Ugh - teen years - where does the time go!!  As you may all know, we love a party at the Scimeca house and becoming a teenager couldn't be a better excuse!  She has recently gotten the photo bug and is a huge lover of all things regarding photography - so it was no surprise when she told me she would like her party to have a "camera" theme.

Take a look at some of the ideas we came up with:

I found some fun colored plastic cameras at a party store.  These were perfect hung on a string for centerpieces and dangling from windows.  I took the same cameras and glued a small clothespin to the back and used them as markers for the food table.

Instead of using regular paper to write the food names out - I used Polaroid film.  I took a picture of lace or notebook paper so we had a patterned plain background and then with a sharpie I wrote out the food names.

We happen to have a ton of old cameras around the house so along with the cute plastic ones we piled them on a plate for a centerpiece

For party favors we used the below to make camera photo holders.  We have a photo booth that we bring out for most parties as the kids love it - so this was a perfect gift for the kids to take home along with their crazy photo booth pictures!

We took a wood block, wheel and knob and painted them in fun contrasting colors.  We then took a mini clothespin and glued to the back to serve as the holder for the photo.  There is a little wood block in the back that we glued on to keep the camera standing.  We added names so that each one was personalized.
 The cake was probably my favorite part.  Thankfully we have a family friend that is amazing with all things cake related!  She made a fondant Polaroid camera - with view finder and button and all - that sat atop a regular sheet cake.  The camera had a photo of the birthday girl coming out of it.

The party was a ton of fun and the Birthday girl was excited to get to keep all the camera decor for her own room after the party!  As always, I like to stress that with a little bit of imagination you can make your own fun party themes without breaking the bank!  For any questions about anything you see here or other events, please feel free to contact us!

Custom Made TV Hutch

We love furniture....custom made furniture even better.  There is something to be said about being able to create something from scratch that fits or measures exactly what you need for your home decor!  So recently we helped out a customer that had been searching for over a year for a TV Hutch they needed in very specific measurements.  We finished the project this past week and delivered to a happy customer who couldn't wait to give it to their daughter and husband!

This hutch was to hold a TV, cable box and surround sound inside.  We used a combination of new and vintage materials.  The top is made of barn wood from an old tobacco barn in northern CT and the sides were from shutters off an old house in upstate NY.  There is even a little piece of our favorite barn wood from General Lyon's barn.

Here is the outcome and we hope you keep BarnWood & Bangles in mind the next time you are looking for a specific piece for your home!




The Pop Up shop will be open on Saturday from 10am until 4pm!  If you are looking for a unique handmade item please come by and check us out!!  Hey guys - want to find something special for that special person in your life??  We have just the items for you!  Please come by and see us 995 Stratford Rd, Stratford, CT.  Some of our items are shown below - but come for yourself and see all our hard work!!  Remember SHOP LOCAL and SHOP SMALL!!

*we are located in Lordship, by the beach in Stratford, due to construction at the Sikorsky airport, the road is closed so if using GPS to get here note that you will have to take a detour around the airport

Cool Stuff to Buy

 Check out some of our handmade creations that are waiting to make their way into your home!  All items are made by either myself, my husband or my mother.  We make each item by hand so no two items are identical.  The items we make with reclaimed wood and vintage items are one of a kind and can't easily be duplicated.  We do take custom orders so please contact us if you would like a specific color you do not see here or if you would like something personalized!!  Thanks for browsing through our hard work!


Pop Up Shop

Our first Holiday Open House/Pop UP was very successful!!  We want to thank all of our customers for supporting us!!  By request, we are going to keep the Pop Up available to anyone looking for unique handmade items for their home or that special someone for the holidays!  The shop will be open by appointment only.  If you would like to come and browse our hard work, please call or text 203-683-8728 or email erin@barnwoodandbangles.com.  We hope to see you soon!

Spring/Summer Items

Here are some great items to bring a little cheer into your home.  As always, if you see something you would like in another color or personalized we can do that for you.  To purchase please contact erin@barnwoodandbangles.com

These signs are made on reclaimed barn wood with hand sewn decorations and picks of flowers. Because the signs are used on vintage wood no two pieces will be the same.  These signs are selling for $25 ea.



It can be frustrating when you have in your mind the exact piece of furniture you are looking for and then you can't find it or the measurements don't work of the one you can find.  We have come to a solution for that problem - we build it ourselves!  Here are some of the pieces we have built.  Please email if you have a specific project in mind you would like Barnwood & Bangles to manage for you!
Contact us erin@barnwoodandbangles.com

This table is made from reclaimed materials and barn wood from an 1800's CT barn.  This particular table is a little over 5' long but we can make in any size

This table is made from new materials and distressed to look aged.  This particular one is 5' long but again can be made in size

This unique side table - dubbed our "Beauty & the Beast" table - is made from reclaimed materials.  The top is barn wood from an 1800's barn, the legs are old stair rails and the base is actually an old drawer.  The top opens for storage.

This table is made from a 1950's photo frame and reclaimed wood.  The legs are cedar posts

The top of this table is made from barn wood from a 1800's barn in Westport, CT, reclaimed wood and antique turned spindle legs.

This is a custom order table made for children .  This is made from new wood and distressed to give an old feel - SOLD

This table was made from vintage shutters, an old window and reclaimed wood.  The top of the table is a piece of wood from an 1800's book binding press - SOLD

Custom ordered BED SIDE TABLES
These tables were a custom order for a client.  Made from barn wood from a tobacco barn in northern CT and reclaimed wood - SOLD

This side table is made with a vintage window as the legs and a slab of wood for a top - SOLD

This table is made with a slab of wood in its natural form for the top and a vintage sewing machine as the bottom

Made from reclaimed wood and a rustic slab of wood for a top

Custom Order TV HUTCH
This was a custom order for a client looking for a very specific piece with specific measurements.  The top is made from barn wood and the sides were made from vintage shutters.  SOLD

This Bench was made from an antique baby crib and barn wood from an old Tobacco barn in Northern CT.  SOLD

This foot stool is made out of a vintage milk crate from a dairy farm in Northern CT.  We can make these with fabric colors of your choice.  $35 ea.

CUSTOM BUILT BAR from reclaimed wood





Here are some odds and ends that we have created to add some rustic, country charm to your home!  For purchase contact erin@barnwoodandbangles.com

Both items are custom orders so you can select the color scheme you would like.  You may pick 3 different colors to incorporate into your design.  We can also personalize by putting a name on the banner - perfect for a child's room.  All are handmade on homespun fabric and strung together with jute.  The Tassel swag is $14.95 and the pendant banner is $18.00